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Our olive oils are harvested from our small grove in California’s Capay Valley…..yada yada


The verdant Capay Valley is historically home to the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation whose members are the Patwin people or Southern Wintun. The valley was given its name, “capay” meaning “stream”, by the Patwins who lived in this region since roughly 500 A.D.

Known for its rich soil, the valley has been agriculturally vital for over a century. It is now marked by an abundance of family farms, such as Full Belly and Riverdog, alongside the restored farmlands of the native Patwins — one of the few tribes expanding agriculture in California. In the valley, there is a shared commitment to moving toward organic, sustainable growing practices, sacredly caring for the land as it has been for thousands of years.

Almond and walnut orchards have been the primary crops for the Capay Valley. But olive groves are becoming plentiful and the region is earning a growing reputation for the excellent quality of its olive oils. Although production is still relatively small, producers from the region have been honored with awards and accolades that are outpacing their yields. At the current rate, Capay Valley will soon be recognized for the premium olive oil producing region that it is. We, at Jackrabbit, are pleased to call this home.