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John Di Ruocco has a passion for food and drink that is in his genetic makeup. His French mother essentially grew up in her own mother's bakery in Normandy, while his Italian father is known for bringing Italian style espresso to the West Coast through the company he founded, Mr. Espresso. John established himself in the specialty coffee industry where he’s run an award-winning coffee program since 1993 for the family business. His palate has guided bean sourcing, roasting, blending and quality control strategies that have kept the company relevant in a dynamic industry.  

John first discovered Capay Valley and was instantly drawn to the area's beauty, tranquility and communal appreciation for the abundance the land offered. In 2005, he purchased an established organic walnut orchard and a few years later planted olive trees. John's intention was to create an olive oil that would express the terroir of Capay Valley and Northern California. Over the past three years, production has taken root with bounty that has garnered numerous awards for Jackrabbit Extra Virgin California Olive Oils.